Chemcel offers Visa Cards with no annual fees, no balance transfer fees and no over limit fees. Plus, our cards offer a 25-day grace period on purchases (on cash advance charges, interest starts accruing immediately).

You can choose from:

Regular Visa Card

13.75% annual percentage rate

Gold Visa Card

11.75% annual percentage rate

Platinum Visa Card

9.75% annual percentage rate

Payments can be set up for automatic payment, made online, or mailed to the credit union and/or the credit card company. You can also make a payment at any Chemcel office.

Transfer your high interest credit cards to a Chemcel Platinum Visa Card and see how much you will save in interest!


Safeguard your card

It’s important to register your credit card now and protect against FRAUD on online purchases.

Verified by Visa

Report a lost or stolen card: